First stage of the Marlburians complete

The first benchmark for my Marlburians was to be 9 infantry battalions, 5 cavalry regiments and 3 guns per side. I finally made it there, and here are my last few regiments:

The Wild Geese Dillon Regiment

The Swiss Von May Regiment

The St Genie Hussars.

Alongside a Bavarian and French artillery piece, this rounds out the Franco-Bavarian forces.

The Prussian Alt-Dohna Regiment

The Danish Prins Georg Regiment

The Prussian Wartensleben Regiment

Which, alongside a Prussian gun and a second Dutch gun, concludes phase one for the Grand Alliance.

I still have 3 battalions of infantry and a regiment of cavalry to paint for both sides. The French will be the Toulouse, Berry and Royal Italien regiments, alongside the Cosse Chevaux-legers. The Maritime Powers will be the Behnheim Dutch regiment, Kronprinz Prussians and Sjaellanske Danish with Sjaelland also providing the last regiment of Allied horse. The unpainted figures can be seen in their tray below, alongside the dismounted dragoons and general figures:

I’ve also got to paint the dismounted Dopff Dragoons, and some Frankenberg militia. Getting all of this finished is not an immediate priority, but something to be completed over time. I now need to concentrate on finishing off a couple of other projects – I still have a few WWI Germans to paint, and some Flames of War Germans too. There’s a couple of Rhulic Hammerfall mercs that need colour, and I’m finishing off John’s Imperial Romans FoG army for him. Then, hopefully Dan and I will move into English Civil War. It was going to be American Civil War, but with the release of FoG Renaissance in September and all of the pretty models sitting there waiting for paint, I’d be keen to delve into this era first.

Finally, here is a picture of the Prince-Archbishop of Frankenberg  Ludwig VIII:

The Prince walks, sword in hand, whist his trusty herald carries the flag of the small ecclesiastical principality – a wurst crossing a key to heaven. Pink, black and gold are the colours chosen by Luddie himself.



7 comments on “First stage of the Marlburians complete

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    • Hi Paul
      Good to hear from you again. These are Lancashire Games 15mm, although truth be told they are closer to 18-20mm. I find that they have great character.
      Just zipped over to your blog, and I see you have some of the same interests as me – Napoleonics, WWII (RoE), and 1:1 scale baby daughters. My Olivia is a bit older at six months though, and shuns blue for Frankenberg pink! I see you’re following Kent’s blog too. he’s done quite a bit of painting for my mate John up here.

  2. Very nice – better than mine- I have trouble with the lightness of touch needed to leave facial creases darker. I tend to paint to a ‘3 foot standard’ – if it’s ok at arms length, it fine on the table.

    I’ve been having trouble finding pictures of Prussians- it’s so much easier to find Brits, so didn’t know about the lace on the cuffs. I’ll go back and do the first rank, but the chaps in the back may have to be less dandy! Also my blue has come out darker, so shading doesn’t always show up.

    • When it comes to 10mm I don’t worry about facial creases either. I’m currently working very slowly on French and German 1914 armies, and have painted for distance effect. If you follow the Marlburians tag you will stumble across my early attempts at 10mm Marlburians – I painted some Brits and then went off using 10mm so I could do the project in 28mm. This would explain why I have done it in 15mm… Wargames Butterfly, flutter, flutter…

  3. I love your painting and these figures! The lancashire website doesn’t give breakdowns of the “battle pack” contents, do you know how much command (officer, drummer, flag bearer) is included in the 60 pc packs?

    Thank you very much!

  4. Hi John
    Thanks for that. The Lancashire battlepacks don’t contain command, these need to be purchased seperately. there are two each of the officcer, standard and drummer in the command packs.

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