The Marlburians arrayed for battle

I’ve got a cold – no, not just a cold. It is manflu, the kind that women would die from if they caught it, but as they can’t know what it is like, they have very little sympathy for their sufferring husbands. What this means is that I have a very short attnetion span at the moment. I tried painting yesterday and managed to finish my WWI Germans, but then my neck cramped. I have loads of marking that I don’t even want to think about, as I had planned to use this weekend to finish it. But it requires too much concentration. So all I can really do is surf the internet and blob in front of the TV.

But I do possess enough wherewithall to post these pictures of my Marlburians that I took. This shows everything painted so far in their battlelines. Remember that there are 3 battalions and 1 cavalry unit per side still to go, which I will get around to eventually. Enjoy:

Bird’s eye view of the repective centres. Dutch, Prussians and Danes face the French line.

The Confederate centre as seen from behind the French right.

The British advance on the Confederate right.

The same advance seen from the French Lines.

The German Brigade (Bavarians and the La Marck regt) cross a pontoon bridge. There is a narrative in this set-up. The French had been camping on the hill with the intention of crossing the stream early the following morning. The plan was to outflank the Allies and open the main route of communication between Frankenberg and France.  The Allies, however, had already been moving with the intention of bringing the main French army to battle. They too were planning a flanking manoeuvre. Hence, early on Saturday morning, the two sides have bumped into each other. The French flanking force and the British flanking force fighting it out on the south side of the river, the two main bodies meeting head to head on the north bank.

Fois-Gras and Archbishop Ludwig look on.

And a final shot down the line as the armies are arrayed.

I’d like to ge tthe chance to fight this out, but can’t imagine it happening in the next fortnight. I’ve left it set up like this, so might try a couple of moves a night.

Ok, that is more than enough time at the computer for now.



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