The Magic of Dipping

Over two months since my last post! It isn’t so much that nothing has happened, rather that I’ve been frantic with a lot of other things.  Last term was a write off in terms of painting. I usually aim to paint for 2 hours a night three to four times a week. This tends to be perfect for 12 28mm figures or 30 odd 15mm figures. But I just couldn’t get into the groove, and this term appears to be heading in the same direction.

But I have discovered something that might get me back on track. After umming and arring, I’ve moved into the realm of dipping. I wasn’t convinced to begin with. It seemed that this was a) cheating and b) doing a half assed job.  Some photos that I had seen of completed dipped models were less than impressive. Then I stumbled across a few blogs that made me reappraise the dip, notably Saxon Dog and his Arthurians.  So I made the leap.

My first attempt was to use the Klear floor polish method. This seemed to work but I wasn’t 100% with the results. I’ve noticed on TMP that Allen Curtis in particular has advised continuing trials, and I’m sure I’ll come back to the homemade recipe at some point. But as I’ve recently done some painting for John, he purchased me a pot of the Army Painter, and I went to work.

Having recently decided to create another Romano-British Civitates army for WAB (this one will be Mordred), I felt that this was as good a place as any to start. The results are below:

The comparisons are interesting. The rear rank are figures that I painted a couple of years ago using Games Workshop colours and inks. The shading now very much strikes me as over the top. In contrast, the dip as seen on the first two ranks has given much more subtle but just as noticeable tones.  The key here is that the process was so quick. I could have gone back and made plenty of highlights, but to be fair I just picked out a couple of colours to re-emphasize. This meant a regiment ready in no time. Good news for me as I prepare to paint up my New Model Army using the 1644 rules. There are a lot of figures in there…

The rear figures of the Arthurians are Old Glory, the two front ranks are Artizan with the commander being a Black Tree Later Roman. To contrast with Arthur’s army, Mordred’s men have black shields. Completely made up by me, but that is the beauty of Dark Ages gaming!



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