Two months in two minutes

I haven’t been completely idle on the painting front in the last couple of months, but it feels like it compared with my steady production rate earlier in the year.  I’ve just about finished John’s 15mm Field of Glory Roman army. I only have the cavalry and command left to paint. The Marlburians have also advanced, the French gaining the services of the Royal Italien Regiment:

While the Danish Sjaelland and French Cosse regiments are currently under the brush.

Sometime ago I purchased some 10mm WWI 1914 French and Germans from Pendraken.  These I have based 2 infantry to a base (metal washer), and intend to use the Contemptible Little Armies rules with 1 base standing in for one figure in terms of the rules.  I’ve got the first units under- and base-coated, and have finished  four test bases a side:

It is really hard to get a good photo of 10mm figures. This was the best that I could get from about 8 shots, and it is still a little bit blurry!

I think 10mm is preferable to 28mm for WWI, and when these are finished I can imagine far more 1914 games taking place than late war with the 28s. For a start you can get far more onto a 4′ x 8′ table, and distances become a little more realistic. I’m contemplating doing late war in 10mm too… hordes of tanks and artillery can be a reality.  But the thought of loads of 10mm trench building is putting me off.

I’m looking to have armies for Germany, France, Britain, Russia and Austria-Hungary in 10mm. It is do-able because of the low cost of 10mm, and Pendraken sculpts are fantastic.  As the First World War has always been my favourite historical period (Marlburians come close) this will fulfill the dreams I had as a 13 year old gamer ruing the absence of easily accessible Early War WWI figures.

Recently I embarked on a trip to SeaWorld while on holiday in Aussie.  My daughter loves dolphins, so she was in her element, while I mumbled about the rip-off on-site catering.  But while she was buying a plush pink dolphin (a boto she insists), my wargamer’s eye caught sight of a barrel with cheap Chinese toys. You could fill a bag for $8 ($10 NZ). I immediately spied the Battleships. Under pressure to hurry up from Mrs Natholeon I crammed 13 (if only I’d been counting – I’d have made a 14th fit!) battleships into the bag.

What the hell am I going to do with them? A total impulse buy, I’m thinking about several schemes. An imagination naval war? Buy some Revell Miniship aircraft carriers to go with them? Write my own rules or rip off someone else’s?  I’ve based one up just to see how it would go. Oh, and before you ask, I don’t have any sea terrain yet, so that is why they are all sitting on grass in the photo.

I’m hoping to keep the blog a little more up to date from now on, but I’ve said that before.  It was set up to be a project diary for Dan and I, but I do wonder whether it is of any use or entertainment to anybody else out there.  I may start looking at doing more reviews, battle reports (I’ve had quite a few games recently) and musings about history.  All being time-dependent.


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