More Reinforcements for the Frankenberg campaign

That’s right, another couple of the regiments that I need to bring the sides up to strength for the next part of the campaign.

The Grand Alliance have received another Danish Regiment, the Sjaellandske Foot:

The French get another regiment of Chevaux-Legers, the Cossé Regiment:

Alongside these troops are the first of the Frankenberg forces, the Liebgarde zu Pferd and the Liebregiment. These are respectively a tiny and a small unit in Black Powder terms.

So there we are. There is a regiment of Danish cavalry and the Bavarian Leibregiment under the brush right now, and after that only a couple more and then the armies are complete. I’m toying with the idea of expanding to 16 infantry and 8 cavalry a side (current endpoint is 12 and 6). I’m pretty eager to get on with some other projects, though and I’m a bit torn because the bigger the armies the prettier they look deployed.  There is also probably more use of manoeuvre and stuff, but aesthetics comes first. Any advice would be welcome – more Marlbs, or onto something else (probably 30 Years War in 28mm and/or 28mm World War II US forces).



3 comments on “More Reinforcements for the Frankenberg campaign

  1. Hi Nate,

    Excellent site you have.

    I wonder where you got the uniform details for the Sjaellandske Foot from?

    I’m looking for details of all of the Danish regiments at Blenheim and in some cases I have scribbled notes but I can’t remember where I got them from!


    • Hi Mike, and thanks.
      All of the uniforms I have are based on Charles S Grant’s Uniforms of Marlborough’s Wars from Partizan Press. I’ve since learnt that some are not 100% accurate, but as far as I know the only incorrect uniform is the Dutch Walloon Luttisch regiment which were probably in grey coast. I prefer the look of the green though, and there is historical precedent for Walloons in green.
      Hope that helps

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