Some inspiration

While I finish off my War of Spanish Succession armies, there could be nothing grander than being inspired by the book ‘le Roy Soleil’ with plates by Maurice Leloir.  I got Dan to grab this for me from Amazon while he was overseas (saves vast amounts on postage that way), and he delivered it to me yesterday.

For those unfamiliar with this work, it is a large book filled with full-page pictures which truly evoke the age of Louis XIV.  They are too big for my scanner to do the work, so here is a page I found with google image search showing the Dragonnades – the expulsion of the Protestants from France:

Personal highlights are the burning of Heidelberg, the Battle of the Dunes and the cavalry battle at Malplaquet.  Leloir has an accurate, animated style, and the characters in his plate have real personality.  First printed in 1931, I’m glad that it is still around. It is only available in French, and my French has deteriorated over the years, but I can still get the gist of the text.  But even if you don’t read a word of the language, the plates say it all really. I’ll be looking to colour photocopy a few and frame them up for the wall of my wargames shed.



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