1707 Bavarians

Yes the Franco-Bavarian army is one step closer to completion with the last lick of paint applied to the Haxthausen Regiment.  Admittedly as the Frankenberg campaign takes place in the second half of the War of Spanish Succession  this unit should be the von Mercy Regiment, but I just love the name Haxthausen, so it stays.  After all, it is an imagi-nation campaign, and if I had been a stickler for historical accuracy I would have torn out what remains of my hair by now, trying to track down the most accurate information.

Here they are:

So that leaves the Danish Sjaellanske Horse, the Dutch Benheim Regiment, the Prussian Leibregiment, the dismounted Dutch Goor Dragoons and the French Toulouse Regiment, and the Marlburian project is complete.  They haven’t had a run in a while, as my incentive is to not play a game with them until the armies are complete.  I find it very difficult to believe that I’m that close to completion of both armies within the space of little over a year (the bulk of the figures were purchased last June).  It might seem like plenty of time to put together 402 foot figures, 118 mounted figures and 8 artillery pieces with crew, but remember that I have notorious trouble concentrating on projects.  In the same period I have painted most of a FoG Roman army for John, a pile of Warmachine Mercenaries, most of the German 28mm WWII army and countless other little bits and pieces.  I’m quite happy with the progress…


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