1815 and all that

Looking to the future, the Perry’s have just revealed plans to produce plastic Prussian infantry for 1815 .  I simply won’t be able to resist an 1815 project. At the moment I’m thinking 4 battalions of British, 4 battalions of Prussians and 8 battalions of French, with several cavalry units. I’m not sure what size to make the units. The 18s that I’ve used for the Marlburians look too small. I want the figures double-ranked, because I like the look. But 36 figures times that many battalions feels like too big a mission (remember my butterfly-like nature that cannot be tamed).  I’m wondering about a compromise with 24 figure battalions.  As the project won’t have to be complete until 2015 there is plenty of time to buy, build and paint. I have a large 28mm 30Years War project in the wings first, which could be a couple of years in the completing, not to mention finishing Mordred’s 1500 point WAB army and a Soviet FoW army.  So I’m asking you, good reader, to help me out with this poll.

By the way, the rules will be Black Powder, but it will be for a 4′ x 8′ table.

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