Holidays are here! New projects beckon.

The last four weeks have been pretty full on at work.  I’ve had a unit of  Danish Cuirassiers sitting undercoated on the painting tray waiting for me to get to them the whole time. Two nights ago I got into them, and should have them finished this weekend, alongside John’s Roman cavalry that I’m painting for him.  Two weeks of holiday are now here (although I have four exams to write and 2 units to plan in that time, oh and marking), and I plan to get the Marlburians finished and to play a couple of games. Since writing a couple of Marlburian specific rules for Black Powder I haven’t had the chance to try them out, so I want to get into that.

Big things have been happening in regards to our projects and collections.  I’ve stated before my love of the First World War as a historical period, hence one of the few completely finished projects on the shelves were the Late War 28mm Brits and Germans.  But after many games with the boys, I had decided they weren’t fulfilling my wargaming needs anymore. To be honest, in regards to WWI, I find I’ve outgrown the idea of skirmish gaming and would probably prefer to play something more akin to a board game or a command game where the fireplans and objectives are quite intricate and the ambition is to model command decisions at the higher levels. I decided that I didn’t need figures for this.  So, I sold them.

The question was then, what to buy?  Initially I thought about 15 or 10mm WWI, with more of a map grid feel, or even using Flames of War so that the fighting was at a company or battalion level. But the same thought came into my head – ‘I don’t really need figures’.  This was further built upon with the death of the innovative and influential wargamer Paddy Griffith. In his thinking Paddy had also came to the realisation that the tiny figures we use often got in the way of gaming.  Now I’m not about to give up on my lead addiction, but my feelings have grown quite strong that WWI isn’t necessarily best portrayed through minis – at least not in the direction that I want to go with it.  So there is no great sense of loss at parting with these figs.  And they have actually just gone to a friend’s house, so i can play with them anytime I like anyway, for that matter…

So, after much brain-wracking and looking at Early War Flames of War, plastic 28mm Napoleonics (Dan wasn’t interested), or further FoG armies (but which eras?), we have come to a mutual decision. The 28mm World War I is going to be replaced with 15mm Crimean War British and Russian and 1973 Arab-Israeli War armies.  Yes, this is from out of the blue, but they are both projects that Dan and I have long talked about. We even bought some GHQ 1:285 Israelis at one stage, but couldn’t get enthused with the small scale.  So stay tuned as we prepare to implement these projects.

In the meantime, however, we both have the Field of Glory Renaissance rules and are eager to paint up some armies. I have enough figures for two armies. I’m not 100 % whether I want Later German 30YW (Imperial) and Later French 30 YW or whether I want to replace the French with the New Model Army.  Decisions… but I had better hurry up – this is the next project!

Incidentally, for those who participated in my Napoleonic poll, thank you, and you haven’t contributed in vain – the Crimean War armies will be in ‘big battalion’ style.


2 comments on “Holidays are here! New projects beckon.

  1. HI Mate, what a turn around, Im in the process of doing a similiar Crimean project using Black powder, the brits are going to be 12 btns strong plus art and light and heavy cav brigades, then 6 french Infantry and a cav brigade, the Russians 24 btns plus cav and art. Hope tobe playing that next month,

  2. Hi Allan
    Sounds like an ambitious project! How long have you been working on them? We’re going with 10 bns a side (and plenty of cavalry) at this stage. Probably take us about a year before we get it finished.

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