15 Months in the making…

Today I put the last flag on my last Marlburian unit (the regiment Toulouse to be specific).  I started this army last year with a slightly smaller goal in mind, but here it is with 12 regiments of infantry, 6 regiments of cavalry, 4 guns, and 5 generals per side.  There is even a small contingent from my imagi-nation Frankenberg. It averages out to over two units a month, and as there have been weeks on end when i haven’t managed to do any painting, I thought that that was a pretty good!

I’ve taken a few photos – the lighting isn’t very good, but I will probably set up a battlefield shot in the very near future and make it look a bit more professional.

It doesn’t look as much as it feels… but if I use all the troops pictured it gives a decent evening’s game for several players.

The Franco-Bavarians.

The Maritime Powers

Horse, Dismounted Dragoons, Generals and the Frankenberg contingent.

I’m looking forward to a big game with them very soon!


4 comments on “15 Months in the making…

  1. Mate looking good.. bet it feels good too to finally finish the project (let’s face it thought, there will always be a unit or army you could add to the scope of the project!!)

    Look forward to having a game when I come over.

  2. Very impressive.

    I’m currently trying to paint both armies for Blenheim in 15mm so I know how much work you must have put into your armies.

    What figures are they?

    I’m currently using Dixons


    • Hi Mike
      Thanks. They aren’t quite as finicky as Seven Years War or Napoleonics, but they still take a bit of time. Especially with a project as big as yours. Good luck!
      The figures are Lancashire Games.

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