First units for the 1973 project

I’ve received some of the figures and vehicles that I ordered for this 1973 Yom Kippur Flames of War project, so I’ll be gluing them together and preparing them over this weekend. In the meantime, here are the first 2 units that I’ve put together, and both of them are air support.  There is no reason for this other than that these models were the first to arrive, so I started on them.

Both planes are Tamiya 1/100 kits, and cost the mighty sum of £2.25 each.  I ordered them through Modelhobbies in the UK and they were on the other side of the world in less than a week.  I love Royal Mail. But I digress…

The biggest problem is that the decals associated with the kits are Japanese for the F4 and Soviet for the MiG21.  I searched the web for 15mm decals for Israelis and Egyptian aircraft but came up with nothing.  So I painted my own. I used the Japanese decals and for the rising sun roundels painted them white and then painted the Star of David in the middle.  I thought that painting a geometric shape like the Star would be easy to get right… live and learn. They don’t look too bad I guess.  As for the MiG21, I painted all of the markings on for this freehand.  Again, not perfect but not too bad (at a distance).

I haven’t painted model planes in 20 years (except for a 1/48 SE-5A for the 28mm WWI figs, but I just spray painted that so it doesn’t count) and back then I would just slap the paint on in roughly the right places. This was definitely something new. There are undoubtedly areas that need a few touch-ups, but by and large I’m happy with the final result.  And as Dan is working on this project as well, I hope he is too!



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