A slight distraction

Seeing as I’ve reached endpoint on the Spanish Succession project, I thought I’d try to finish a few bits and pieces while I gear up for FoW ’73.  First up to finish off was my first platoon of Soviet infantry for Flames of War. I just wanted to paint a unit to see how long it would take (I used magic dip).  It was indeed fairly straight forward, which i will use to good effect when I get into this project fully.

So here they are. I managed to get a platoon of Egyptian infantry, 4 t-62s and 2 ZSU-23s undercoated in the weekend.  The vehicles were sprayed Tamiya Desert Yellow and then coated in Magic Dip. I should have them finished by the end of this weekend and will post them then.  I’d like to do a fair bit of weathering on these vehicles, but I’m not au fait with the techniques needed to produce paint chips. Any advice or links to good tutorials would be appreciated.


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