Egyptian Armour

Here are the first tanks for the 1973 project – some Egyptian T62s and ZSU-23s:

The four T62s complete so far with a close up of one of them. I used a Tamiya Dark Yellow spray for the base, then added Magic Dip to them. Once dry I painted on the green using Vallejo Russian Green and added buff to it for a drybrushed highlight. I used a Resene’s interior house paint that I like to use for drybrushing desert terrain  to add dust.

I haven’t painted on any markings yet, as i’m not sure exactly what they should look like.  No problem, though, just a little Google research to do!

The models themselves are Quality Castings from Old glory 15s. They were basic to put together, which I like and have a nice level of detail. I’ll be painting the first platoon of Egyptian Infantry next.



One comment on “Egyptian Armour

  1. Interesting doing FOW Moderns.. one thing that put me off FOW is the short range on the table of weapon systems. Understand it’s to make the game managable in 15mm but still always bugged me a bit.. and has pushed me towards BK2 to do ww2 (NZ DIv in the desert naturally).

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