Some Egyptian Infantry

The first platoon of Egyptian infantry are finished sans command elements.  I’ve used a blacklining technique as the figures are quite small and I wanted them to stand out from the terrain in their drab uniforms.  I’m not 100% sure I like it, but does have the desired effect, and as there is very little infantry to put together they are hardly the centrepiece of the army.

I’ve been through the stats from the archived Flames of War Moderns and altered them a little for 1973. Once I’ve typed them out I will upload them here.

All of the vehicles have been undercoated, base coated, dipped and sprayed with Matt varnish, so just need the final touches. I might go back and fix up some details afterwards, as I’ve been inspired by Tacobat’s work at Middle East Crisis and wouldn’t mind having a go at the grey paint chipping and the gemstone glass finish. Priority, though, is to get them out on the table in a respectable state.

It has been difficult motivating myself to paint lately as things have been very busy, especially with little Olivia’s first birthday the day after my last entry, exams and reports. The light at the end of the tunnel is still some way off workwise, but I did finally finish off John’s Imperial Roman army last night, so now all painting time can be devoted to my own projects. Which should mean completion of the Egyptian army. But those 28mm Thirty Years War figures are staring straight at me…

And it was a fine day so I went outside and took this picture of the MiG 21 against the sky for no reason other than I felt like it!



4 comments on “Some Egyptian Infantry

    • Cheers, Donagh
      The lighting was pretty good to disguise all the muck-ups on it! I’ll put a link in for your blog too – very nice.

  1. These look great. I’ve just started assembling my QC Sho’t (Panturions) which seem to be quite nice. The QC infantry aren’t quite as good as I’d like, but with a good wash application and some highlighting I hope to be surprised.

    • Thanks, Owen. Agree about the QC infantry, I was a little underwhelmed by them. But they do the job and won’t take attention away from the tracked stars of the show. I am very happy with their vehicles, although the Command Decision 15mm are also very nice.

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