More Egyptian Armour

Painting has been ongoing with the 1973 project and the latest showcase is a batch of BMP-1s and T-55s.  All of these are from Old Glory’s post-WWII Command Decision range, and I find them wonderful models.  I’ve really enjoyed putting them together and painting them up.

I’ve painted 9 BMP-1s in all.  Above is a sample with some of their infantry deployed.

The half-dozen T-55s I currently have.  I’m so impressed with these models that I have ordered another dozen to flesh out the Egyptian forces.

A close-up of the command T-55.

I’m unsure of the camo scheme on these vehicles. I’ve adopted the same scheme on all of the armour, although it seems that there were several different variations.  In fact, I’m sure I’ve read that some of the tanks retained the Soviet green colour that they came in.  This scheme was copied from a picture of a model that I found on the net.  I assumed that they knew what they were doing!  I’m not going to repaint them, but would be glad to have comments on (in)accuracy of the scheme.

I also received the Flames of War playtest  rules for Arab -Isralei conflicts from Owen68 today.  I’m very keen to give them a go, hopefully in the next month or so, as I’m waiting on Dan to get through the Israelis.



One comment on “More Egyptian Armour

  1. Great Egyptian armor, I have always wanted to see good 15mm minis for the 1973 war. Seeing these makes me hope it is Battlefront’s next period. Well done sir.

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