Latest work

Following on from Dan’s Brits it is only right that I show some of the Flames of War stuff that I’ve been working on.

First up are some Germans:

A Wespe battery with three guns.  The Wespes are Command Decision, the truck and SdKfz 250 are Battlefront.  I scratch built the artillery staff group and have repainted the chap on the right to match the rest of the element since taking this photo.

The Panzer IVGs and Panthers to bring my Panzerkompanie up to strength.  Again, these are command decision models.  The IVGs are bigger than the battlefront models I have, but these were bought when they still called themselves Military Miniatures.  I don’t know if more recent PzIVs are closer in width.

Since taking this photo I have painted markings (crosses and numbers) on the Panzer IVs.  They don’t look too bad… from a distance…

And a self-propelled AA battery.  These are all Battlefront minis.

I haven’t got far with the Soviets yet, although I have mixed up a black magic dip and smeared it all over the armour.  I haven’t finished the detail on these yet.  I have completed a unit of T-34/85s though.

I’ve also scratchbuilt the first in what I hope will be half a dozen buildings for the Russian front.  I used small doweling and glued it to the outside of a foamboard core.

Now that I have several painted German list options available to me to play Flames of War, I’ve prioritised the Arab-Israeli project.  The Egyptians are pretty much finished – only another 5 vehicles to paint.  So I am about to launch into the Israelis.  That will be my next post.


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