Israeli armour complete(ish)

I finished off the Israeli armour last night – 3 M48s, 4 Centurions, 2 M113s, 2 Mortar carriers, 3 jeeps and 3 Egyptian T-55s.  There is still 1 Sh’ot Centurion and 2 T-62s coming which is the last of the armour.  I now only have to finish off 50 Israeli infantry and these last three tanks and the armies are complete.  Then I’m planning on concentrating on terrain, which will probably be a cloth and some hills with maybe 2 or three small buildings.  I am keen to build a couple of defensive positions as well, so might get the Osprey on Israeli fortifications from the YKW.

Anyway, here are the boys:

4 Sh’ot Centurions.  One is going to be seconded to HQ platoon.

3 MuTT jeeps for a recon element

Mortar platoon.

Both platoons of Magachs.

The Egyptian T-55 Company.

I am aware that the tanks should have 2 aerials each, but could only squeeze in one.  Plus, it makes handling them tricky.  They look cool, but I can see the need for superglue every time they are played with…

Which is appropriate, because hopefully next weekend we can take them for a test drive with the FoW mods that I’ve got.  John has some desert terrain already constructed for WW2, so they might make the trip out to his place in the car.  Expect a battle report with a lot of missing aerials (sigh).




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