Israeli infantry finished

Finished off the Israeli army today with two platoons of infantry.  That rounds off the whole project bar the two T-62s and last Sh’ot that are still in the mail.  Below is a picture of the first platoon.

And just to see how it would look when finished, here is the commander for my Soviet WW2 Tankovy battalion:

I used magic wash on these guys, mixing Klear floor polish with quite a bit of black and using that to shade the basic dark green colour scheme.  It has worked quite well to shade the recesses.  I still need to wash the HMG so that it isn’t quite so shiny.

My next project is my Soviet army so this is really just a taster for the next few months.



3 comments on “Israeli infantry finished

    • Thanks Owen
      The armour is sprayed with Tamiya TS46 Light Sand and then brushed with Strong-tone magic dip.
      The infantry Dan base-coated with some GW colours – I can’t remember what, but I find that the Vallejo yellow-green gives a good effect – that is what I used on the tank commanders.

  1. IDF Infantry were sprayed with Tamiya Olive Drab then dry brushed with a desert yellow, i think the GW or Vallejo.

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