1973 Yom Kippur War armies complete

I thought I’d take a couple of photos of the completed Israeli and Egyptian armies for my 1973 Flames of War project.

As always, click on the photos to zoom in.

First up, the Egyptian army:

And the Israelis:

So there we have it.  There are still a few touch ups I want to do (Arabic numbers on the tanks etc) but ready to get on the table.  All I have to do now is play some games with them.  I have the playtest stats from Owen and I’ve built these forces around those points totals.  With the Vietnam sourcebook coming out with the next Wargames Illustrated I hope to find some M48, M113 and maybe some T-55 stats to cross-reference them with.  I am very much looking forward to it.


3 comments on “1973 Yom Kippur War armies complete

  1. Very nice looking armies. I am painting Peter Pig Israelis myself. Looks like your infantry is much more geared to 67-73.

    • Thanks. The Peter Pig figures are very nice, but Idecided to stay in 1973 in order to use the Flames of War rules without too much upgraded technology. We’ll see how that works…

  2. Very nice work. I’m testing the rules tomorrow with a mate (1750) with the home made version of FoW: IDF (188 Bde, 77 Bn) Shot Cal Company (8 – Cals – FV) + recce (CV) + mortars (L9 12cm Soltams – CV) supported by Limited Air – Dassault Mysteres against Jordanians (40th Armoured Bde – CV) Armoured Sqn 14 Centurion Mk Vs supported by recce (or Hawk SAMS) and Jeep M151 with 106mm RCL. Since the Jordanians are involved, its relatively late in the conflict with IAF providing Air Support.

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