Polybian Romans

I’ve acquired all of the armies that I need to undertake a DBA Second Punic War campaign, plus the Numidians.  Originally I had planned to paint up a FoG Mid-Republican Roman army with Dan doing the Carthaginians, but his move to the other side of the ditch has left me reassessing.  Painting all of the armies for a DBA campaign is certainly a viable solo project, and, indeed, DBA is an excellent game for solo play as well.

Here is my newly finished Polybian Roman army – the first of seven armies, with the Carthaginians the natural next cab off the rank.

The first four elements I painted I did in my traditional two-tone base and highlight style.  But then I changed to a base coat and magic dip for the last 8 elements.  The traditional are the Hastati and  Principes on the left of the picture, with the far elements in each line being the dipped figures.  I don’t think they are that noticeably different. A little definition is missing in the face, but dipping is so much faster, I believe that it is the way I will go with this particular project now.

Here is a close up of the general:

The white horse needed touch-ups, but it was the only figure that did.

I’m also painting a few figures for John at the moment, but I plan to have a 1750 point Tankovy Battalion for Flames of War finished in the next couple of weeks.  Next Friday there is a game at John’s and I’m eager to try out the FoW Arab-Israeli rules.


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