Reinforcements for the Egyptians

After my playtest of the Flames of War rules, one thing that stood out was the pointlessness of the BMP-1s in an armoured battle.  It also made no sense to have troops in APCs when they dig-in well and defend so brilliantly.  So I decided to scratch the BMPs in favour of a platoon of SU-100s (which were just lying around with my Flames of War Soviets), and to increase my infantry quota.

I also received the Peter Pig RPGs and painted and based them up.  The Israeli figures are equipped with the Galil and are more modern LAWs than what they had in 1973, but they look like captured Soviet RPGs, and the guns don’t stand out that much, so I’ll make do.  Sorry to offend the purists.

You can see that the Peter Pig figures are slightly larger than the Quality Castings and are much more detailed sculpts.  In fact, I felt like I was letting them down painting them in the same rough style as the QC figures. They do fit in well enough though.  I’m looking forward to taking them for another game, but this Friday they will be rested in favour of a Flames of War game with Late War Soviets.



One comment on “Reinforcements for the Egyptians

  1. At some stage, a number of IDF units were equipped with both RPGs and AKs captured from their “friendly” neighbours. That said, I’m not precisely sure when this commenced.

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