Last games night – Battle of Pisov

It has been just over two weeks since the last games night – it was the same date as the royal wedding – but things have been hectic (again), so the battle report is late and low in verbiage.

There were meant to be six of us, but three didn’t show up, so it was just Terry, John and I.  John did a bit of modelling work while Terry and I played out a mid-war Flames of War game.  I had brought my Soviets and my mid-war list isn’t actually painted yet, and my Late War list is populated with T-34/85s, so I was a bit limited in what I could field.  I decided that I would spend points on a Guards force to increase survivability and soak up points.  Never again!  I ended up with a tiny (for Soviets) army which performed as well as it looked like it would from my first glance.  Nevertheless, I yelled Za Rodina and rode into the thick of the battle, hoping to secure the objectives before Terry could get his reinforcements into play.

The Soviet deployment around the village of Pisov.  Not much cover, but hey, we’re local and this is our turf.  We lurve the open steppe…

German deployment.  Half of our army are off-table reinforcements?  Never mind, only the 88s really count anyway!

Comrade Bumitch is surrounded by the Nazi scum!  Will the brave boys of the 818th Guards be able to rescue him before they realise he is right in the middle of their positions?

Hmm, not a good start to the rescue mission methinks.

Terry’s mid war monsters. Early on one went up in flames like a sambuca covered cat getting too close to a bar heater .  The other took out most of a T-34 company…

It may look like heavy carnage for not much reward at first glance… and you would be correct.

‘Ach, look Hans! We will be able to roast our bratwurst tonight!’

The victorious Germans sweep forward.  Comrade Bumitch polishes off a third bottle of vodka and decides to play Russian Roulette with his automatic pistol.

The game ended up being a total wipeout for the Soviets.  They took a few with them, but not nearly enough.  I don’t think I’ll be running a Guards tank company in a mid war game again.  My Mid War army is actually mostly infantry, I just need to get them all painted.

Next games night is this Friday.  At my current rate of posting I should have a report for the blog by August sometime…



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