Some completed painting

Something of a rarity at the moment, I have actually managed to complete some painting!  Below are four elements for my Carthaginian DBA army and some Heroclix repaints.



The first element of African Spearmen (spears) and the Spanish Scutarii.



Two elements of Gauls.


Angel, Colossus, Rogue and the Scarlet Witch.  It looks like Wanda is giving someone the fingers – probably because she is facing –

Dear old Dad!  Magneto leads the Brotherhood of Unhappy Miffed Muties (BUMM).  What? Klaw isn’t a mutie!  It’s OK, though, Magneto accepts him due to his excellent choice of costume colours.  Juggernaut and the Blob vie for who is the heaviest heavy.

On the paint bench right now:  the rest of the infantry for the Carthaginian army, some Clone troopers for Star Wars, and Storm.  Arrived in the letter box today is THE next project – the first boxes of Dystopian Wars – Britannian Naval and Armoured battlegroups, and the Prussian armoured group.  The Prussian navy, alongside some carriers and the deck of cards are still coming in a second box.  I ordered them from Total Wargamer who have Dystopian Wars post free worldwide at the moment.



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