First Dystopian Wars ships painted – how it was done

Alongside kicking off the Star Wars project, I received the last of my Dystopian Wars order in the weekend.  This means that I have the naval and armoured starter groups for Britannia and Prussia along with Carriers for both.  Obviously the first thing I did was clean and wash them and the second thing was undercoat them (OK, I’ve only done the Britannians so far, but the Prussians will be there by the end of the week).  So last night I decided to do a test paint of a couple of ships.  I began with a (all paints are Vallejo) German Grey semi-drybrush over the black undercoat.  A semi-drybrush is where there is wet paint on the brush but you lightly scrape it over the surface leaving indented detail black.  I don’t know if this technique has a real name.

I then drybrushed London Grey over the whole thing.  I picked out the decking in Beige Brown.  The planks are big enough to wet brush this without painting in the cracks.

The boilers were picked out in Gunmetal Grey or Brass.  The guns and some piping were picked out in brass as well.  I mixed German Grey and Gunmetal Grey to paint the smokestacks, and then painted the very top in Red.

I may yet go back and paint all of the windows blue.  I saw this on someone else’s painting and it looked pretty cool, but I don’t know whether it would be worth it on the plain grey background.  I’m pretty happy with how they turned out, so will stick with this paint sheme.



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