The beginning of the Star Wars project

At some point it was inevitable that I would wargame Star Wars if it was ever possible.  With the release of the collectible Star Wars Miniatures by Wizards of the Coast it became a possibility, but I was irritated that you had to buy boosters and end up paying for double ups that you may not want.  In 2005 I did purchase one pack, getting Obi Wan Kenobi and Jango Fett along with a battle droid, 3 clone troopers and some other random figures.  But I wasn’t going to buy into the whole collectibles side of things as I was just beginning to build up my first metal DBA armies.

My recent discovery of Strikezone and purchase of comic book characters has changed my mind somewhat.  I can buy the Star Wars miniatures as individuals and collect exactly the number that I want.  The exchange rate between the US and NZ dollar has never been better so I made an initial order.  My first figures are below:

First up, Yoda and four Wookies.  The little green master has long been my favourite Star Wars character, even before he kicked ass in Episode Two.  In fact he is probably my favourite fictional character of all time.  Hmmm… I’m thinking here, but I can’t name one that even comes close…  I plan on having another four Wookies to flesh out this unit.

The forces of goodness are completed by Obi Wan and some Clones.  I plan to have three squads of 9 clones each in the end.  Obi Wan was the one character that I had sitting out of the box for the past six years.  His lightsaber has lost its colour – I will have to paint it luminescent blue.

Jango Fett with some Separatist Commandos and half a dozen Neimoidian soldiers.  I’m planning to get more Neimoidians to bulk this lot out to the grand number of 12.

General Grievous with some battle droids.  The droids are a bit problematic in that there are a number of different types available and they are not all the same size.  The bulk of my droids are quite skinny, but my earlier droids (seen in the photo above and a paler colour) are a bit chunkier.  I also have some Rocket droids which I will bulk out to a full squad.  I’m aiming for four squads of ten with the battle droids, including one squad of super battle droids.

Lastly are some random guys that I put together as a group of adventurers – A Nikto soldier, an Aqualish spy, a Quarren warrior, a Zabrak fringer, a Yuzzem and a Rodian scoundrel as their leader.  Unsure what sort of plotline these guys will be using – smugglers or bounty hunters maybe.

You’ll note that I’ve opted for the Clone Wars as my setting for gaming.  The reason is simple – lots of Jedi, (including Yoda).  I loved the original trilogy, but I think this is a better period for battle-gaming.  I’m planning to use the original GW Rogue Trader rules, or maybe second edition Warhammer 40,000.  I think that these rules will work perfectly with Star Wars, especially mimicking the Jedi.  When I start putting stats together I will post them here.

Finally, I probably won’t worry about repainting these for quite a while.  I have so many painting projects to get on with, and these paint schemes will hold up for another couple of years until I get around to them.  Having said that I just couldn’t help repainting a Clone trooper just to see how he would look.  A comparison shot is below.

I’m not going to say which is the repaint – up to you if you think it is an improvement.



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