Irregulars battle night

Another games night on Friday and two games of Flames of War were happening – a late War stoush between a British Armoured company and a German Panzerkompanie, and an Early War melee between the French and the Germans.

There were five of us due to an unforeseen cancellation of three players, so I decided that I would umpire the two games and offer tactical advice here and there.  John and Jordan are really still learning the rules, so I was mostly there to help them out.

The Late War game saw John run his mostly Sherman  British army (which he had never used before) against Jordan’s Panzerkompanie which had artillery, Panzer grenadiers and PzIVs.  Jordan rolled for a scenario, and a ‘1’ meant a free fro all (the first of many 1s that Jordan would roll that night).  The deployment was relatively straight forward with John putting heavy emphasis on his left flank – he put his Sextons and M10s there alongside a rifle platoon and a platoon of Shermans.  Jordan spread himself out across the board, making sure that his pioneer platoon was dug-in on at least one of the objectives.

Jordan’s first turn saw him move a unit of his Panzer IVs into position.

The start of the game was really just a feeling out of each other, but by the end of turn two I had to ask John what his plan was.  I then suggested using the strength he had on the left flank to try and capture an objective.  In turn three he duly moved his left flank elements forward.

John’s deployment on the left.  His M10s sat in the wood for 2 turns, and his Shermans are hidden behind the village.

His stationary M10s with full rate of fire had managed to take out one Panzer IV on Jordan’s right flank.

In turn three the British began there advance.  Immediately one Sherman failed its bogging test and got stuck on a hedge in the centre.  At the top of the picture you can see the M10s and the Shermans breaking cover.

Jordan’s Panzers were rolling terribly – and burning excellently!  At the bottom of this photo (of British turn 4) you can see the Panzer IV that was bailed out in turn one and neer remounted for the rest of the game – but was also never killed.  Slightly frustrating…  Also note that the British Shermans are about to claim the objective.

The end of the game (turn 6). The Shermans so close to the objective in the previous photo were wiped out by a combination of a lone Panzer IV, 15cm howitzers and poor morale rolling.  So the right hand Sherman platoon reversed onto the objective, MGed the last defending stands and won the game.  Well done the Brits (and John…)

On the other table Chris and Terry battled out a ‘Fighting Withdrawal’ scenario with the French on the defensive.  Terry had virtually no cover and his rushed attack was pounded mercilessly by Chris.

A view down the battle line.  In the distance you can see Terry’s Recce units burning.

Chris’ Somuas preparing to inflict damage.  The end result was a predictable win for the French.  Don’t feel too bad for Terry, though – they did win this war!

And just because we could, here are the players in John’s helmet collection, wearing the noggin protectors of their respective armies:



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