Happy 50,000th

Yip, we’ve now had 50,000 hits.  I don’t know how many people have actually followed this blog through its butterfly like digressions and how many are one time only viewers, but thank you to everyone who has taken the time to observe a little bit of the insanity that is this two man collective.

In the past we have successfully put together a Warhammer Ancient Battles 28mm Arthurian project:

A 28mm First World War project:

Legends of the Old West and High Seas in 28mm:

15mm Marlburian:

15mm Flames of War Germans, Russians and British:

Several DBA armies – Macedonians, Persians, Philistines, Romans and the recently completed but not yet profiles Carthaginians:

The 1973 Israelis and Egyptians for Flames of War Modern:

28mm World War Two Germans:

And a whole host of other painting projects in various stages of completion.  Not to mention I’ve painted a couple of armies for some of my wargaming mates.

So, has the blog been a success?  I don’t know if 50,000 views is a good measure of that.  Nor that three and a half years is any sign of better than average longevity.  But if we look at the reason that it was started – to provide a diary of our wargames projects and keep us on task, then I think that the above proves that it has had some positive effect.  Not featured are all of the Warhammer 40,000 games, tournaments and painting that Dan has done.  40K is his baby in the same way that Marlburians are mine.  He hasn’t posted anywhere near as many blogs as me – probably just not as anal about recording stuff!

The future?

I’m playing A LOT of Flames of War at the moment, and really enjoying it.  I’m in the middle of painting up a Strelkovy company for mid war, and about to begin NZ Division and Fallshirmjager armies for Italy now that the Cassino book is out.  I’ve been doing WH40K 2nd edition stats for Star Wars using the WotC miniatures, and printing and laminating cards for Supersystem using Marvel Heroclix figures.  The Dystopian Wars Brits and Prussians are undercoated and waiting their turn.  On the DBA front I still have 15mm Spanish, Italian, Numidian and Gallic armies to paint for a Punic Wars campaign and two 15mm Wars of the Roses armies.

The US and Soviet 28mm are waiting for some paint, as are the Weird World War Two figs (Zombies, Demons, Mummies etc) and the last of the Pirates for the Legends of the High Seas.  I have 15mm French and Austrians for a French Revolutionary 1790s campaign, although I need to buy more figures there and they probably won’t be ready to get into until next year.

So expect more Battle Reports, more painting and more random side projects.  In short, more of the same.  And maybe some more of Dan?  We will see.



3 comments on “Happy 50,000th

  1. Well done guys, there’s a lot of hard work gone in to all that. Very impressed with your efforts. Nate, if you’re ever down Wellington way, make sure you bring those salty sea dogs with you.

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