July’s Irregulars game night

Once more the Rotorua Irregulars set themselves up for a night of gaming.  It was the usual suspects – John, Terry, Chris and myself, and we were joined by Shane and Richard who run the Rotorua Wargames Club.  The Irregulars used to frequent the Rotorua club once a month (in fact I helped found it), but unfortunately life has got in the way of any sort of regular participation on a Saturday.  Hence we put ourselves together at John’s place where we can game in the evening after the kids have gone to bed.  So we weren’t intended to be a schismatic creation, and it was great that Shane and Richard could make it out.  They are both contemplating getting into Flames of War (they’ve already started buying bits here and there), but are very committed to finishing Games Workshop armies.

So we had organised to play mid war Flames of War with four 1750 point armies.  Chris took Russian Tankovy and I had Russian Strelkovy.  Opposing us were John with an Italian army and Terry with a Luftwaffe infantry army.  John extended one of his 8′ x 4′ tables out an extra 4 feet and a river down the middle marked the two battlefields.  We both finished deployment at about the same time:

This is the view looking down the line from where Terry and I deployed.  Richard took control of some of Terry’s troops and Shane took over some of Chris’ Russians.

Here’s the deployment viewed from the other end.  By the time I had taken this photo the Russian first move had already happened.

It was another one of those games where I was so caught up in the game I forgot to take photos every turn.  Not that it really mattered on my end, because it would have simply shown a remorseless advance by a mass of infantry…

Here are the Italians sitting on a hill awaiting the Russian onslaught.

The Russian God of war – my 12 gun artillery battery.  The 122mm are Battlefront models – or rather Crusader miniatures from before they changed their name.  I love the big-ass barrels on them.  My apologies that there are unpainted figures on the table – I am currently working my way through the Strelkovy, but as anyone who has been there would tell you, it is a long process.

The artillery was the thing I was looking forward to using the most, with its double template and rerolls for misses.  The fact that it stretched the length of the table edge gave it a psychological edge over my opponents as well.  This came in handy as they spent a lot of their firepower targeting the artillery rather than the infantry.  The fact that the guns were pinned in turn 2 and stayed that way for the rest of the game could be seen as a disappointment, but they soaked up a lot of fire that could have been going elsewhere!

Terry’s left most deployment – Marders and an infantry group with 88s sitting on the hill.  I think the decisive moment in this battle was when my infantry burst from the woods and the flamethrowers smashed 4 teams of infantry.  The surviving Germans failed their morale (funny that) and the T-34s were free to turn their guns on the Marders.  By the end of turn 2 the writing was on the wall for this flank.

So the moral of the story for me was that flamethrowers are worth the price and that artillery is a great distraction for enemy fire.   The final moments came when my infantry overran an objective on the right flank and Chris’s Cossacks did the same on the far left.  It was like a giant pincer attack in the end.

Cossacks head for the Italian-held objective.

Strelkovy liberate comrade Bumitch, once again caught behind enemy lines.

Not the best battle report ever, I’m afraid, but that is what happens when I forget to take photos as the game progresses.

I’m loving Flames of War at the moment.



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