The new projects line up

I’ve gone and done it again.  Spent all that time painting up two opposing forces and then… sold them!  No real surprise there, but in this particular case it is my Marlburian 15mm army that I have flicked on to John.  Why?  First of all, there are other projects I want to get stuck into.  That means I need cash.  Secondly, by selling to John they remain half an hour away and are able to come out on games nights so I can still push the little fellas around.  Thirdly – I’m just fickle like that.

Bye bye Luddie, I will visit regularly…

So what could possibly have made me part with these little works of art that consumed my hobby time for the best part of a year?  Ummm, well, er, stuff.  That is right – the proceeds of this transaction have not really been dedicated to a single project in particular.  They’ve been pushed into a number of areas.  I shall now regale you with the upcoming projects in my sights, or what I call ‘the list of doom’!

First – The French Revolution in 15mm.  Specifically, Bonaparte’s campaigns in Italy 1796-7.  I already have most of the figures I need and have downloaded Orders of Battle for Rivoli from this handy little website.  I have chosen to build Massena’s division, not just because he is an awesome general, but because 18, 25, and 75 are my favourite numbers when it comes to making up regiments.  The fact that it includes not only the 18th line, but also the 18th Light Demi-Brigade makes it my favourite formation of all time!  The Old Guard? Caesar’s Tenth? the SAS? Pfagh, who needs those amateurs? No 18s in there, are there?  But I digress…

The 18e Demi-Brigade de Ligne is complete, and can be seen here:


Click for a close-up

The figures are Lancashire Games, and are very cool.  The range is currently a bit limited, but I’m pretty sure that there is more to come just around the corner. As soon as there are, you’ll hear it here.

Second – The Great War.  Umm, didn’t I have two awesome 28mm armies for this era that I parted with?  Well, er, yes.  But this time I’m doing it in 15mm!  Yip, the release of Blue Moon’s WWI and my recent acquisition of an Old Glory Army card has led me to revisit this era.  But what about rules?  I was having trouble deciding.  Flames of War would work, but it would be a bit boring in an almost all infantry battle I think. Contemptible Little Armies?  individual basing sounds good, but not 100% sold on the idea of them.  Price of Glory?  Quite a nice little skirmish set, not that I have ever played them.  And then, like a bolt from the blue, Warhammer Historical announced (3 years late) the publication of Over the Top.

The Great War - Over The Top

Dan and I had played a couple of games of GW’s Great War and not been overly impressed.  But I had been using Stormtrooper lists and we felt that they had too much grunt.  When OTT was announced I went back to the rulebook and decided that I would try the Assault Company list instead as it did not make the Germans too uber.  The mechanisms are familiar to me and 120 figs a side should be a good game.  So I ordered OTT and decided to build for this ruleset.  I’ll keep you posted on the progress of this project (and my 15mm trench system plans).

Third – Modern Brits in Afghanistan in 15mm.  Osprey releasing Ambush Alley’s Force on Force tipped the boat here.  I’ve been quite keen on the prospect of an ultra modern game based on Afghanistan, and when i got the OG Army card saw that they had Command Decision figs that would be perfect for it.  I ordered the rules, and having read through them I am very impressed.  The mechanics are quite different to what I am used to, so I will need to focus on playing several games in a row to get a grip on them, but I just love the idea of the action/reaction phase to reflect shifting initiative.  Time to stock up on some more D8s and D12s (I already have D10s for Africa).  Why the Brits and not NZSAS or even AUS or US troops?  I’ve been reading a bit about Helmand, watched Ross Kemp’s doco series that was recently on the History Channel again, and also like the historical irony that the Brits have already been here and done this 100+ years ago.  I’ve seen posts on TMP etc that ultra modern isn’t everyone’s cup of tea for a variety of reasons, mostly moral (bodybags are coming home from this conflict while we play these games).  But Dan is an Afghan vet (do you call them that?) and if he would game it, I see no reason for me to feel awkward about it.  This would take a post of its own to go into, so I’ll just leave it there.

Fourth – World War Two Italians for Flames of War.  With the release of Hellfire and Back I have finally decided to indulge my passion for unpredictable and difficult to use armies by building up some Italians.  I’m currently putting together a mid war list which should morph easily into an early war list with the addition of a few tankettes and some extra motorciclisti.  I have acquired some Italians painted (badly) for Russia and am slowly stripping them back for repainting.  Currently I have an artillery battery on the go and I will post pictures as soon as it is complete.

On top of this I still have Dystopian Wars, DBA Wars of the Roses and Punic Wars and my Soviets to finish off.  And I still need a few more figures to finish off the Star Wars skirmish project.  Well, it keeps me busy…

Next games night is 12th August (next Friday) and a report will not be far behind.





3 comments on “The new projects line up

  1. Hi Al. I do have that set on the shelf, but to be honest never got very far with reading them. Might have another look.

  2. Hi Nate
    Looking at the BF forums, it looks like the Italians will be quite ok in the EW period from a technological POV. I wonder how the new 8MB table will be different to EW, due to reduced experience.

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