Blast from the past

I found an archive of my old webpage today and uncovered a couple of pictures of miniatures long gone.  I thought I’d share a few.

First up are pictures of my first real armies since returning to wargaming in about 2001.  These are plastic 1/72 World War One Revell and Emhar figures.  The Revell German has been modified to carry a MG08/15 (and old Airfix gun), as in those days that particular figure was unavailable.  The shiny look of the figures is due to the final coat of PVA that was designed to act as a good varnish for plastic figures. I can’t believe the simplicity of the painting here – things sure changed within a short space of time…

My first ever metal army was 15mm Freikorps Parliamentarians purchased from Canterbury Miniatures then under the care of Nick Grant.  The website is still there but I am unsure whether they still produce Freikorps or not.  I took this army to NICon in 2004 and had 3 defeats and 2 draws – not too bad when I had no real idea how to play the rules!  My troops are to the right in this photo.

My first 28mm figures were Old Glory NZ Wars.  Above can be seen Armed Constabulary and Maori troops.

These were the photos I was most pleased to find.  They are my second 15mm DBR army, Williamite Anglo-Dutch, that I took to NATCon 2005.  They are Lancashire Games figures, just like the Marlburians that I put together, and about the same size, which led just about every opponent I had to ask whether they were in fact 20mm.  This little army never won a battle, and I sold it to help fund my WWI 28mm plans.  Sadly it never arrived at the buyer’s post office box, and is either languishing somewhere in the recesses of a NZ Post storehouse or the plaything of some kid who received it by accident!  I fail to see how a box can go missing when it is sent from a post office to another post office, but happen it did.  The main reason I wanted to post these photos was because people sometimes ask about the Grand Alliance range from Lancashire and how they paint up.  Well, here are some pictures for reference.

Everything pictured was sold at some point or other and the funds went into the next project du jour.  I look at my cabinets and ask myself what could possibly be next, and come to the conclusion that I just don’t want to part with anything else, but history says otherwise.  What are the longest lasting figures in my collection?  Possibly the 28mm World War Two.  It would be a tough ask to make a definite call.


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