Tangent to Warmachine (25pt Cygnar Force)

Well i’m on another tangent; getting a small Cygnar force up and running. It has been painted enough to get it on the table top and will get more love once i have played a few more games. I will finish a project one day…

25pt Cygnar Force lead by Hayley

I spent the weekend building a bit of MDF pre-cut terrain but mainly painting Space wolves.
I had put these guys on hold as i had other impulses to follow, however Marcus was keen for a game to test his Nids so i got the bug again (no pun intended).
I had a complete 1750pt force painted for the last edition of the Space Wolves Codex but with the change in Codex came a change in army composition and a bit of meh. Things change so i decided to embrace the change and came up with a new list to try out, tweaked it a bit and was quite happy. Well that meant dropping two squads, two Dreadnoughts and a LRC which meant a big points vacuum and a lot of models to paint (which pains me) hence the hiatus status.
Now i am dead keen to get into them again (in small doses) so they don’t go to war in black armour. Pics up soon of the Wolves Project, wait out.


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