Eureka Miniatures Taliban fighter with AK-47

When i was at MOAB in Sydney a couple of weeks ago i happened by the the Eureka Miniatures Stall and couldn’t resist the urge to get some of these insurgents for Force on Force (OEF Supplement). I picked up about 15 fighters that were mostly armed with AK-47s (plus 2xRPG7s, 2x PK MGs) and a Mortar team. They are very nice 28s, the test model i painted came up ok and was pretty easy to paint quickly.

I got a free US Marine with a SAW which i gave to Marcus (who is keen to do modern Germans). The level of detail on the Marines is fantastic, Molle loops, ACOGs, PEQ boxes etc. They are not on the web site yet ( but they will be my next force, i will most likely get some at CanCon in Jan 2012.

First Taliban:


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