OK, so I bought it…

With the half price sale on at the moment and the recommendation of my mate Scott, I went ahead and bought a copy of Warhammer Waterloo.  I thought the rules might be good to convert for Marlburians and in any case, that it would be pretty.  I was right on both counts!  I really like the gist of the rules, the fact that they will play well with just a few units, and they seem easily convertible for earlier periods.  It is astonishingly pretty.  I would not hesitate to call it the most beautifully presented wargaming rulebook of all time.  Everything is laid out in a (to me) sensible order, the photos of games being played and the full colour diagrams make it a joy to leaf through.

My largest beef with Black Powder is that I didn’t think they worked well for playing out the table-top teasers and wargames scenarios of Charles Grant because the command and control system didn’t suit only having a few units.  Warhammer Waterloo will be perfect for playing out teasers – from smaller scale games of only two or three units a side to a dozen a side – with ease.

Of course, this all comes with a warning. Under absolutely no circumstances should a Wargames Butterfly not currently intending on embarking upon a Napoleonic project go anywhere near this book!  Keep away, whatever you do!  I now have hithertofore unplanned boxes of British and French Perry plastic infantry on their way from Caliver Books along with some artillery for both sides from Old Glory 25s.

I hope plastic mountains have the same life-giving powers as lead mountains.






5 comments on “OK, so I bought it…

  1. Glad you liked the book! If you come up with some WSS/Marlburian period units stats, let me know. I just noticed Wargames Factory have released their WSS cavalry too now, also available via Maelstrom…!

    • Hi Ray
      Lily Banners might just require a few more figures on the table than I’m prepared to paint up, at least initially. I am at least a little intrigued by the new Maurice rules from Sam Mustafa, though.

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