WH 40k Chaos Raptors

I have moved on to a few more Chaos figures when i should be painting other things. So here are the Slaanesh Chaos Raptors, Nathan should like these as they are nice and pink.

Nice pink Raptors!


One comment on “WH 40k Chaos Raptors

  1. I am no longer a fan of 40k, but these caught my eye, they do look rather good. Well done, and if I was going to follow a 40k nasty god – it would be Slannesh! I once started an army for it many moons ago, but its long since got ebayed…
    Your red spikey cacti also caught my eye, I made some of these god knows how many years ago too, but again ebayed them off – you didnt buy them from me did you? 😉

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