The Accidental Armies

If you had asked me four years ago what would be the most likely thing in my collection that I would sell, I would have pointed without hesitation to the German Flames of War army.  Today it is not only the sole survivor of that original collection, it is one of my main focuses in my wargaming hobby.  It is also joined by a large Soviet army and US and Itlain armies in the process of building.  How did this happen?

The whole of my German army.

Initially I bought some Germans off Paul because Dan had moved up here and he already had a British army for Flames of War.  I wasn’t the biggest fan of it – I wanted to game ancients, Marlburians, Napoleonics – pretty much anything that wasn’t WW2.  The Germans were repainted and then sat there until last year.  Then we started playing Flames of War in the group.  We played it a lot.  I got some Russians.  I enjoyed it more.  It is now my ‘go-to’ game.  Who would have thought?

The whole of the Soviet army.

I finished the Soviets in the weekend, although I do plan to get some more T-34s for a mid-war Tankovy army.  The Germans will be joined by some Late War Fallshirmjager very soon, and I want to get half a dozen Panzer IIIs for mid war as well.  So below is a gallery of these armies, which I have not really showcased at all.  As always, click on the photos for a clearer image.

The Soviet command and objectives.

The Soviet armour.

Soviet Scouts

Soviet Infantry and big guns.  I love these old long barreled 122mm guns.  They are original Battlefront models, from back when they were called Crusader miniatures.  They have the presence demanded by the Red’ God of War’.

Onto the Germans and the objective markers in the centre.

The beginnings of an early/mid war army – Pz-38ts.

The big cats surrounded with their friends.

Now on with the US and Italians.



One comment on “The Accidental Armies

  1. Impressive array of troops there Nate.
    I am looking to kick off some Flames gaming tomorrow night, introducing a friend to the game, so it will be the blind leading the blind! No doubt we’ll still have fun.

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