Leaving it too long

It’s three weeks since the last entry and I have heaps of stuff to blog about – especially as I seem to be doing a lot of painting and some playing. That means one enormous blog or do a few installments over the next couple of days and hope that I manage to get to the computer. Well, I’ll go the minimalist way because I want to leave and get some painting done tonight.

So first off the block, last Friday was games night for the Rotorua Irregulars. I had planned to have a 28mm World War Two game with John, but Chris didn’t turn up to play Terry, so John played him instead. The ulterior motive for the 28mm game was to show off a few photos of the finished US and German troops that I’ve painted in action, so I set them up anyway and simultaneously answered any questions that people had regarding the Flames of War rules – not that I’m an expert – just more expert than some others.

So here are the pictures of the American troops devoid of battle report as their was no actual fighting – just a photo shoot:


The US troops are painted using the Army Painter dip. I really like the effect this has had on them.  John quickly painted the Sherman for the photos, so it hasn’t been finished properly.

The last minis I painted for the US army were the Anti-tank gun and crew.

The Germans were holding the town opposite the US deployments.

The next post will have a description of John and Terry’s desert  games and the Eastern Front game played by Paul, Dylan and Jordan.  Then I’ll review what I’ve been doing at the painting table, and the revised plans for this year.


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