Zvezda are stars

I have mid-war Strelkovy and and Late War Tankovy forces for Flames of War, but really wanted a mid-war Tankovy force, not to mention enough models to have a decent army for Barbarossa when it comes out.  However, this was going to be a costly exercise – especially if I bought the number of T-26s I wanted.  Then Zvezda released their 1/100 Art of War models.  Just after Christmas I ordered five KV-1s from the Plastic Soldier Company. These were very simple to put together, a good size, relatively well detailed and easy to paint.

So I took the plunge and ordered 10 T-26s, 4 Katyushas, and 4 Panzer IIs from Caliver Books who now stock them and are post free – a huge consideration when you live on the other side of the world!

The T-26 and Pz II kits come on a single sprue and are dead simple to put together. About three minutes per kit. The Katyushas were much more involved with two sprues and quite a bit more fiddly stuff. They took about 15 minutes each.  The results?

Panzer IIs are missing from the picture but are very nice anyway.

So that comes to just under NZ$100 to put together a Mixed Tankovy army for mid war (adding in the T-34s and infantry I already had). Am I impressed? Very. Having put the T-26s and Katyushas together yesterday they are already sprayed with Russian Armour spray and have a black magic wash over them. The detail is fine, the cost is great, the building is easy – perfect.  Negatives? It would take a bit of work to put a tank commander in them as the hatches are molded on, but it wouldn’t be impossible with a bit of work.

Tomorrow I’ll post on the Flames of War games that we played a week ago.


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