Goums for Chris

This is a ‘commission’ that I did for my mate Chris. He has bought Goums for our impending Cassino campaign, but the nerves in his hands mean that it is very hard for him to hold steady to paint stripes. No problem, I said, I’ll paint them for you. Chris has been fantastically generous to me in the past and I owe all of my Soviet infantry and my copy of the Cassino rulebook to him, so I was more than happy to do some painting. After all, how hard could it be?

I didn’t realise that there were 9 teams to a platoon, nor that I would have to paint 2 platoons and the HQ! The stripey little buggers seemed to take ages, but I’ve knocked out 1 platoon and the HQ with heavy weapons. One platoon to go, and I’m not looking forward to them, but I will make it a priority.

Close up shot of the first Goum rifle platoon.

Part of the HQ platoon.



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