Star Wars set up

Not a game as such, but I did just feel like putting some figures on the table and taking some photos of a scenario I am thinking of playing out. It involves a Separatist assault on a Republic base just being set up on a fringe world. The main objective is to take out the long-range Turbolaser which is threatening Separatist shipping in the area.  Hoping to lure out some of the Separatist big guns like Grievous and Dooku, The Republic forces have prepared a decent ambushing force including Yoda, Anakin and Obi-Wan. Why is Padme there? I don’t know, but I have a figure of her and she is on the table too.

The table layout. The separatist assault is heading length-ways down the table.

The Separatist Battle-line advances.

Yoda leads forward a Wookie battlegroup.

Anakin and Obi-Wan lead the Clone ambush on the other flank.

Oops! One of the Clones trips three mine droids! Hang on… how could Mine droids get planted when it is a Republic ambush? Ummm… Meanwhile:

Padme and R2 with the clones at the platform. They are here to… ummm… Meanwhile:

The Turbo laser guarded by a Clone trooper. This used to be a GI Joe Heavy Artillery Laser, but has been chopped and repainted. Mostly because I wanted some thing to offset the fact that the Droids have two whopping great Battletanks now!

Count Dooku and his Commandos. Alongside him is a Sith assassin to use for a bit of nastiness.

I still plan to use Warhammer 40,000 2nd edition all modded up for my Star Wars games. The rules are secondnature to me, and always give a fun game. I’ll do a proper report the next time they hit the gaming table, but at the moment I’m busy with the return to school, complicated by waiting for baby number three to appear any day, so I have done very little painting or gaming.

The one thing I must get around to is posting a review of Mark Sims’ ‘March Attack’ rules. He sent these to me to write a review on them,  and I have been thinking about how I will go about this. I must get onto it.



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