Post Apocalyptic project

I have a number of homeless figures sitting around with no real purpose. This includes a whole pile of Warzone figures and a number of things like Foundry and Copplestone future wars figures.  So I’m constructing an idea around some of these figures, while painting up a few at a time as a pleasant diversion from army building (it gets me back into things when I have painter’s block).

First up, the Lone Stranger, his trusty sidekick Pronto and feline friend Whiskers:


Next up, Greta the Vampire Queen of the Nazi Zombie Empire and her trusted bounty hunter Gary:

Finally, for random pop-up appearances, the Doctor (in Tom Baker – ie THE Doctor – incarnation):




3 comments on “Post Apocalyptic project

    • There is also a Black Scorpion cowboy for the Lonesome Stranger and a Tale of War Revisionary Puss in Boots for Whiskers. Both Gary and Greta are Foundry Street Violence figures while dear old Tom is a Black Tree Designs mini.
      Like you, I grew up with the Tom Baker doctor. He was the best – so absent minded and yet brilliant. I like the new series ( Chris, David and Matt), but he is in a class of his own.

  1. Yeah, I grew up with Tom too. In todays parliance, He was the Man! Pertwee (sp?) was OK, I remember getting spooked by something to do with giant spiders with him? But afer Tom it was just trash… though I dont mind the current Dr so much and he’s had some pleasant female companions… there again I’m only watching it as #1 son wants to watch it 😉

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