Another momentary diversion

I just felt like painting something different, and had a hankering to do a World War One figure. So I dragged out this old ICM 1/35 figure and started putting some colours on him.

I used a base coat of Vallejo Grey Green and then mixed it with Green Grey in several lighter shades. The ammo belt is desert yellow lightened with buff and the grenade bags are yellow ochre. The helmet is a mixture of dark green, brown violet and yellow ochre, with the final yellow ochre applied with a sponge from a blister pack.

The final highlight on the puttees is straight green grey and I haven’t weathered them with mud spatter yet. The blanket roll on the back pack is a curious experimental mix of brown violet and yellow ochre which turned out to be a pretty good shade.

It was quite enjoyable just spending time painting one figure and it is an interesting exercise to see how techniques learned painting much smaller figures work on something larger. The final product still suffers from the strong contrasts of shade and light that characterise 28mm and smaller figures without much subtlety in the transitions. There are techniques, like blending, that I’ve never really been successful with, but haven’t needed with small figures.  I don’t know if I really have the patience to master them.  maybe when the wargames armies are complete and I’m just painting dioramas? By then I will probably be so old that I won’t be able to see anything anyway.



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