Quick Catch Up

It has been an age since I last posted here, mostly due to it being exam and reporting time, so what little spare time I’ve had I have devoted to painting. There have been a few changes and some new projects, first and foremost in the Star Wars field.

A couple of weeks ago I went out to John’s for Irregulars night and took the Star Wars figures complete with all of the Warhammer 40,000 2nd edition modifications. I was quite tired but I also felt that the expanded numbers of figures had resulted in a really bogged down game.  Now I am quite often a bit drained on games night and like to play games with nice simple rules that are intuitive. One reason that Flames of War and Black Powder have been such a hit I guess. So I started writing my own simple Star Wars rules. Then I realised that I was writing the Lord of the Rings/Legends of the Old West rules out.  So I stopped writing rules and started writing stats. I will publish them on here when they are complete.

Some pictures from the game:

In other news, new projects include:

15mm Seven Years War. Yep, I swapped my US FoW army for 2 unpainted armies of Prussians and Austrians.

Dux Bellorum Arthurian in 15mm. I’ve put in my order to Splintered Light minis and my pre-order at Book Depository. Really looking forward to this.

That’s all I have time for now, but I’ll post again very soon. We have another games night this Friday, so I should be able to put up a battle report for Flames of War.



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