Burning Jedis – a Star Wars game

Last night we played another Star Wars game, but this time using the FUBAR rules that had been recommended to me by John Leahy on TMP.  A scenario was written up, and I just guessed what would be balanced forces, I didn’t try to use the points system that is also available on the page. In the end, it was a pretty good guess.

The scenario was as follows:

Pelagios 9 is secret research facility set up by the Republic. It is so confidential that only the Supreme Chancellor knows its true purpose. Despite this, the Separatist leaders have somehow found out about it and are preparing to make a raid in order to capture the scientist Cham Zharr (seen above  – he’s the Nikto with the Mon Calamari bodyguard).

In the vicinity of Pelagios 9 are Anakin Skywalker and his padawan Ahsoka Tano with a platoon of Clone troopers. They have been dispatched to aid in the defence of the research facility until more help can arrive.

Meanwhile, Count Dooku and a large droid contingent are leading a lightning raid on the facility. Even Dooku is not 10% sure about what is going on a Pelagios 9, but Darth Sidious is adamant about the importance of this mission (how does he find out about all of this secret stuff?).

So the scenario set up with four units of battle droids and one AAT arriving on randomised table edges. Defending the facility was a squad of Clones and half a dozen Mon Calamari security detail. There were also two Golan Arms defence turrets ( I might repaint these in camo colours – what do you think?)

Reserves arrived at random times based on the whim of the random gamesmaster (me).

The first couple of turns saw the AAT and right flank turret go head to head and not achieve much. A lot of units failed activation rolls and so couldn’t move to allow the ‘on guard’ units to retaliate.

The first Clone reserves to arrive got a rude shock as they headed to the research facility to bolster its defences. Led by Ahsoka they were caught in an ambush by a unit of B2 Battle Droids arriving (below).

On the left flank the Clones faced a unit of B2 Battle Droids ducking and weaving (is that standard operating procedure for droids?)

Oh no! A series of successful activations and Ahsoka’s unit is taken down in a hail of blaster fire – including the Padawan herself!

The Republic’s remaining reserves arrived at the same time as the rest of Separatist forces ( I just wanted to get everything on the table). A LAAT blasted in and dropped Anakin and a clone squad into the middle of the melee.

On the left three ISP speeders arrived and wiped out the B2 droids – and the Sith apprentice leading them.

In order to get the AAT to activate, Count Dooku turns up and jumps in to tell the droids what to do. They say Roger, Roger and ignore him totally.

Clones, the turret and Speeders have to hold off the Hailfire Droids and a Spider droid (see photo below) on the left. The Speeders kept having their guns knocked out, which made them pretty pointless – although I allowed them to fly close and throw grenades.

Boom! the LAAT takes out the AAT – finally! As you can tell from the smoke, the right turret had been taken out in the previous turn by the droid tank, so Dooku was feeling quite proud of himself. Just as well he got to have his moment as he failed his 3+ saving roll and went up in smoke with the AAT.

The clones waded into the droids, led by Anakin, and despite a good kill record, couldn’t clear them out. For some reason Anakin then broke off contact and ordered his squad back.

Which left him vulnerable to a crossfire from the B2 battledroids and a Spider droid.

The last Jedi on the table went down. And at about the same time, as they were not anywhere near capturing him, the Separatist Hailfire droids bombarded the Mon Cal squad and killed Cham Zharr. So in the end no-one held the objective. It ended up a Separatist victory anyway, because it turns out Palpatine wanted the scientist dead and figured that would be the most likely outcome if he sent Dooku in to screw things up again.

Overall everybody agreed they enjoyed the game very much, and the FUBAR rules were extremely easy to pick up. We did think that the Jedi were a bit wimpy and had virtually nil influence on the outcome.  I’m going to power them up a bit (even more h2h attacks and able to strike any model within 3″ – not just base to base) and make them a bit more survivable (give them a number of wounds). We’ll see how that works.

We also had a couple of turns where pretty much no-one passed their activation roll. This caused mirth at the time, but if you play the rules on a frequent basis I can see this getting just slightly irritating. I think that the answer might be to give the squad sergeants a higher activation rating than the rest of the squad, but I’ll think that one through a bit more.

FUBAR did seem to lead to a fairly static sort of firefight game. I’m not sure if that is just because the players couldn’t really be bothered moving, because there were so many missed activations, the defensive nature of the Republic side,or what. With characters a bit more suped up there might be more movement in the future – even if it is a case of rampaging Jedi and Sith doing their thing.

Terry played the Republic side and Adam and Sam (both pretty much newbies) played the Separatists. There was a lot of laughter, so everyone obviously had a ton of fun.



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