Late October Games Night

It has been a few weeks since these games were played but things are still pretty hectic and blogging has taken a definite back-seat to everything else that is going on.

There were two games played with Paul, Terry, Shane and Jeremy playing a Flames of War Desert Encounter and John and I playing a Contemptible Little Armies World War One game.

The Great War battle was a trenchline slog with the Brits assaulting the German lines. It had been a while since we had played CLA, and it was some time into the game before we found our rhythm. The game is very simple, but for the sake of  ease of play we didn’t include any off-table barrages. That was a bit of a mistake for the poor old Brits.

The first part of the British assault was a failure, but the German counterattacks were just as bad, and in the end with the body count mounting we decided to call it a draw. This game reinforced all the stereotypes associated with the First World War, mostly because we weren’t using the key weapon – artillery. I’ll make sure that for the next game we take the time to plan the use of the barrage rules.

Anyway, some pictures of the battle:




The German line


The British Line


The advance on the left flank


The advance on the right flank to capture the town


Going over the top can be a hazardous business


trying to storm the trenches from the town proved too difficult


The German counterattack was no more successful


The Germans were slowly being whittled down, but there were not enough Brits to exploit the gaps in the line.

Having seen off the RFC the red baron took to strafing the PBI.

The other table saw the Afrika Korps take a bit of a hammering as the Brits stubbornly held onto their objectives:

No commentary on this battle I’m afraid, it was still going when I headed home. Not too sure who won, but the Brits were looking pretty comfortable.






3 comments on “Late October Games Night

  1. I still find it odd to try and recreate WW1 in a game that can be both playable and historically accurate, for WW1… my turn… I advance from my trench… your turn, you shoot your machine guns… game over … shall we try that again?

    Theres loads of beautiful figures for this period and clearly heaps of interest but how the heck do you play it???

    • Hi Scott
      1914 is very like Napoleonics, 1918 very like World War Two. The Trench slog in the middle has some definite factors that you need to include in order to make it work. The first is artillery. If you don’t get this right the game will be a bit pointless – as this game proved to be. The second is to make sure that you are playing at a level that can reflect the platoon tactics of the time. Above this you miss the finer detail of the sections advancing in mutual support of each other. You also miss the stormtroop tactics of the Allies (the French invented the tactics and the Canadians were the first troops to be labelled Stormtroops – not many people know that).
      This game kind of reflected the first day on the Somme, which was really tactically the nadir of the war, but also the quintessential image of the war in a lot of minds.
      I haven’t tried the Bolt Action rules, but from reading a few reviews they might work quite well for this period.
      And you are right – the figures are very nice.

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