More toys for Yom Kippur Flames of War

I’ve ordered even more goodies for the Flames of War 1973 project, including another three Centurion Sh’ot Cals and these beauties that I have pictures of below:

First up, three times the M51 Isherman. These are Quality Castings models that I bought from Old Glory 15s. They are my reserve force, specifically for scenarios and I just love the models.


This is the same M48 that has appeared in earlier pictures, but look closely. It now has the 105mm barrel of the upgraded Magach rather than the original 90mm barrel. I asked Steve at OG 15s whether I was able to buy the 105mm barrels from the Centurion Sh’ot Cals separately in order to convert my existing models. He was exceptionally helpful and said no problem. I have to say that I was as excited to receive these half dozen barrels as I was to receive the rest of the order that I had made from him (some extra 7 years War cavalry and Austrians for the French Revolutionary War project). No all of my Magachs have a decent 1973 gun on them. The only flaw is that the Israelis altered the cupola as well so that the .50 cal was not integral to it, but I think that would just be a step too far.


I felt like the Israelis didn’t really have enough options, and with only two M103 mortar carriers I decided to boost there low level fire support. These are Quality castings Israeli mortars – four teams plus a command stand and an observer. I have visions of these guys being used in a Bar-Lev Maoz (fort). I’m thinking through how to build the terrain piece and write up a scenario for it.  Needless to say, when it is done it will be posted here.


Finally I purchased and finished painting up some Egyptians. pictured is one of the three BRDM scout cars and one of the six BTR-60 APCs. As I think BMPs should only be used in certain specific scenarios I wanted a more generic APC, and this is it. It is a big heavy model! Both are from the Command Decision Modern range from Old Glory 25s.  Not pictured but also purchased and painted up – another three T-55s. But this wasn’t enough. I have since bought another 6 T-55s which I am just putting together at the moment. Grand T-55 total? 21. Will that be enough? We’ll wait and see.




2 comments on “More toys for Yom Kippur Flames of War

  1. 21 T55s! I think this will be the magic number supported by recce and infantry. The Chinese Farm battles will be yours for the taking!

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