About NDC

NDC is the name for two wargamers, comics enthusiasts, philosophers and friends, Nathan and Dan. This blog is generally  devoted to our wargaming hobby, comics, our take on events, both current and historical, and basically anything that we do that is creative or fueled by drinking scotch.

Now parted by the Tasman Sea, we still exist as a virtual collective and belong to wargames groups in our local areas: Nathan in the Rotorua Irregulars and Dan in the Queanbeyan Irregulars.  Posts in these blogs refer to gaming in both groups.


6 comments on “About NDC

  1. Hey Nathan, just found your blog after randomly remembering your email address you gave Richard Boulton once haha. Love some of the stuff you have going on here, just got into Napoleonic s myself, starting off easy with cheap 1/72.

    Keep up the good work, Sean Bates

    • Hey Sean
      1/72 was my way into wargaming as well. Except now you can buy pretty much anything you need – I had to do a lot of converting. Stay in touch and you are more than welcome to come out for some games at John’s place. Let us know if you are interested.

      • Sorry about long wait, I figured I’d receive an email haha. Yeah I’d be keen for some games, but its hard getting time to do anything, I’ve only had two weeks at home all year because of uni, and havent got the time/space to do anything down here. See what happens in summer haha

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