WH 40k Chaos Defiler (Giant)

This is the second Chaos Defiler for my Chaos Marine army so i thought i would stray a little further from the prescribed assembly guide. The idea i had for it materialised into something a little larger than anticipated but overall i’m quite happy with the result.


WH 40k Chaos Raptors

I have moved on to a few more Chaos figures when i should be painting other things. So here are the Slaanesh Chaos Raptors, Nathan should like these as they are nice and pink.

Nice pink Raptors!

Eureka Miniatures Taliban fighter with AK-47

When i was at MOAB in Sydney a couple of weeks ago i happened by the the Eureka Miniatures Stall and couldn’t resist the urge to get some of these insurgents for Force on Force (OEF Supplement). I picked up about 15 fighters that were mostly armed with AK-47s (plus 2xRPG7s, 2x PK MGs) and a Mortar team. They are very nice 28s, the test model i painted came up ok and was pretty easy to paint quickly.

I got a free US Marine with a SAW which i gave to Marcus (who is keen to do modern Germans). The level of detail on the Marines is fantastic, Molle loops, ACOGs, PEQ boxes etc. They are not on the web site yet (http://eurekamin.com.au/index.php?cPath=87_150) but they will be my next force, i will most likely get some at CanCon in Jan 2012.

First Taliban:

Tangent to Warmachine (25pt Cygnar Force)

Well i’m on another tangent; getting a small Cygnar force up and running. It has been painted enough to get it on the table top and will get more love once i have played a few more games. I will finish a project one day…

25pt Cygnar Force lead by Hayley

I spent the weekend building a bit of MDF pre-cut terrain but mainly painting Space wolves.
I had put these guys on hold as i had other impulses to follow, however Marcus was keen for a game to test his Nids so i got the bug again (no pun intended).
I had a complete 1750pt force painted for the last edition of the Space Wolves Codex but with the change in Codex came a change in army composition and a bit of meh. Things change so i decided to embrace the change and came up with a new list to try out, tweaked it a bit and was quite happy. Well that meant dropping two squads, two Dreadnoughts and a LRC which meant a big points vacuum and a lot of models to paint (which pains me) hence the hiatus status.
Now i am dead keen to get into them again (in small doses) so they don’t go to war in black armour. Pics up soon of the Wolves Project, wait out.

Grey Knights Progress

Well the 1250pt force is set now, just changed the Eversor to a Vindicare assassin. Everything has been sprayed, washed and ready for more paint. At the moment i have until the 24th of September to have them finished for our pairs mini tourny. Should be plenty of time…

The1250pt force assembled

The Boss Man (Inquisitor)

Squad One Justicar

Squad two Justicar

Malifaux Crew

Did i say i had a short attention span… These turned up on Friday so i couldn’t resist putting them together and making some bases for them. It will only be the start of my Malifaux gaming as i have some more on the way. These shouldn’t take long to paint, but it is me so it could go either way. Very nice, but a bit twisted, figures.

Chaos Defiler

As i now have a Chaos Marine force i decided to pick up some cheap Chaos stuff from Wargamer AU. In the bundle i got a Chaos Defiler that was undercoated and not assembled. Now i’m not a fan of the Defiler model in it’s original configuration so i threw away the plans and evolved it into Defiler-erectus!

Dystopian Wars Sea Board

I didn’t make this but i thought i would post it anyway because it’s pretty cool. My cousin Marcus saw a youtube tutorial on how to make a Sea Board and decided to give it a crack with some pleasing results. As there are no painted Dystopian Wars to go on it (yet) the Pirates get free reign, gar!

Project Grey Knights

My Current project is a 1250pt Grey Knight force for a doubles tourney that my local group is going have in about a month. I am pretty stoked with this force as i get to field two Dreadknights, which was the driving force behind me getting Grey Knights in the first place.

I have assembled my force and just have to drill the stormbolters and add a bit of greenstuff to the assassin then the whole lot can be undercoated. Excelsior!

Imperial Guard Leman Russ Tank (modified)

Well it’s been a while since i have posted here but i’m hoping that will change. I intend to blog some of my new projects; Grey Knights and Dystopian Wars Empire of the Blazing Sun.

To start with, none of the above, an Imperial Guard Leman Russ Tank that Nathan gave me. It had a thick coat of ugly paint on it that was not salvageable so i turned it into a bit of terrain. Make some good cover for the brittle little Guardsmen.