The Spanish Cavalry

Here are the shots of the first cavalry unit for my Warhammer Ancient Battles El Cid Spanish Christian Reconquista army (phew, that’s a mouthful!).

And here’s a close-up of the Rey (King).

I went with red and yellow as the dominant colours in this unit, mostly because it was the King’s escort and those are the colours of the present Spanish flag.

The figures and horses are Black Tree Designs, and are really nice to paint. The Rey is the Crusader minis El Cid mounted on a Black Tree horse (the Crusader one was too small to match the Black Tree ones). There is a gap between the saddle molded onto the Cid and that molded on the horse. It is actually a lot more visible than I realised from viewing this photo, so a touch up is required.

Lastly, I will be making a flag for the standard bearer, and will try to find some material for this. I love Barry Hilton’s flags and aim to try to use his technique.