The beginning of the 1973 Israelis

I’m finally finding a bit of a painting groove, and the Israelis are beginning to roll off the production line. First up are six M113 APCs and 3 M48s.  All vehicles are from Command Decision’s (Old Glory 25s) post-war US range.  The initial order was for plain M113s but for some reason we were sent the flamethrower version.  Living so far away from the US I didn’t want to make a fuss, so I’ve added Battlefront .50 cals to them and not gone with the turret option.

As far as Israeli vehicles go, neither tank is quite correct.  I’m thinking of buying up some extra stowage for them just to give them that ‘rough’n’ready’ Israeli look.  The M48 is equipped with the US 90mm gun rather than the upgunned British 105mm of the Magach 3.  I pondered the possibility of scratch-building a 105mm barrel for them, but in the end left the original as I couldn’t guarantee making a decent job of it.  I’m not particularly anal in this respect as I am sure many would be.  Whilst I do have standards (I would never field a Tiger tank as a proxy for a Centurion for instance), when it comes to a slightly different barrel, I’ll wear the complaints of the wargames fashion police.

So here they are:

The aerials are nylon bristles off an old brush and dustpan set.  Nice and strong.

The terrain boards were originally built by Dan and I a few years ago for Legends of the Old West games and consist of 6mm MDF with scattered rocks all painted and a drybrush over the top.  However we only have a 4’x4′ surface and an 8′ x 4′ table that I would like to be able to use in its entirety.  I’m not sure whether I want to build another two boards that are identical, or buy a cloth and spraypaint darker patches on it as a base.  A cloth is very easily stored and simple to transport, so that is in its favour.  These boards have been pretty durable, though and I have the paint to be able to construct matching modular hills.  I’ll have to mull it over some more.

Even though I’m concentrating on Flames of War at the moment I couldn’t resist painting a test unit of Principes and Hastati for my Mid-Republican Roman Field of Glory army.

Many years ago I interloaned Charles S Grant’s Wargames Scenarios book from my library.  It had 52 scenarios for wargamers and I remember being very impressed by the variety, even though at that stage I didn’t have any intact armies that weren’t Warhammer 40,000.  I’ve been wanting to get hold of a copy, and this month I finally bought Scenarios for all ages by Grant and Stuart Asquith.  With my multitude of periods I feel that I might finally be able to carry out a secret ambition – to play one scenario a week from 1 through to 52 throughout the space of one year.  I’m hoping to have my FoW armies finished within the next couple of months, and the FoG armies not long after, so 2012 could be the year. Better get painting…

Finally, just a thought for all the people in Christchurch who have been experiencing a living nightmare over the last couple of days.  My wife has family down there and I know that Dan has a lot of friends, so I wish them all the very best as they try to rebuild after the earthquake.



Some more painting

I’ve finished off the two regiments of French that I was painting – the Regiment Champagne and the Regiment Lyonnais. I accidentally glued the wrong labels and flags to the command stands, but have now swapped them around, although that was just slightly annoying…


Being a committed and focused painter, I also thought I’d pump out a few other figures. Here is a squad of  GIs for Rules of Engagement (more about that later).


And a close up

Yanks closeup

I also painted up the first of many Mid-Republican Roman elements for Field of Glory. Here they are hiding behind their big red scutums…


They were quite easy to paint, and the main reason for painting them was to get an idea of how long it might take to get the whole army done. I’d say, if i could focus, three months. Reality? Give it a year or so… Especially as the Marlbs aren’t finished and the Napoleonic Principles of War book showed up today.

Finally, I recently invested in Song of Blades and Heroes, and its Napoleonic version Song of Drums and Shakos. I really like these rules, and I’m thinking that SDS will work very well for the NZ Wars. I’m also looking at SBH for a Celt-Roman skirmish game. Without further ado, I’d like to introduce my first Celt – his name is Obelix.


I’ll catch up on the great first game of Rules of Engagement that Dan and I had in the next post.


Blog’s been a bit slow…

Work, work, work. I guess I should be thankful that I have a full time job during a recession, but I’ve had very little time to myself lately.  It is school holidays and I’m still trundling into work every day… there is something distinctly unfair about that!

So what have I achieved? Rebasing! A whole two units. That’s it, no real extra painting except to finish off my Marlburian foot guards. There is a Warmachine Wroughthammer Rockram just sitting there staring at me at the moment. Oh well, this is what I have done:

rebased arts

Dan and I played some FoG when he came down a fortnight ago. We liked it. We liked it a lot. We decided to rejig our Arthurian armies , which means rebasing and more painting!  Here is one of my battlegroups of 8 Medium Infantry elelments, all rebased and ready. I’m using my new fiels grass and hobby tac.  At first it all seemed very easy – then I got a smidgen of hobby tac on my fingers. What a pain in the arse that was! It seemed that no matter how hard I scrubbed, the field grass did not want to let me go. Patients and being absolutely meticulous is in order if I am not to lose my sanity with the rebasing. It does look good I think.


I decided that 4 figures to a base looked far to sparse, but I didn’t want to reduce the base sizes. So the answer was obviously to cram more figures onto the bases. My plan is to base all of the Marlburians up for the Beneath the Lily Banners rules by Barry Hilton, but not necessarily to use these. I really like Mark Sim’s Rank and File rules, but they don’t really work with anything less than 4 bases to a unit. So, the answer is to combine 2 battalions into a manoeuvre unit. This works great with the French and Dutch regiments, but means that the British battalions will combine 2 different regiments. The partner of the 1st Foot Guards will be the 2nd Foot Guards in order to keepthe whole unit elite.

I’ve just ordered more French and some Austrians(because I have so much time to paint them), so I will have 12 battalions a side (6 manoeuvre units – or regiments), 4 cavalry (2 units) and 2 artillery. I aim to increase the amount of cavalry in the future too, but one step at a time.

I’ve decided to focus on the following, and to try to complete a project every week:

  1. Punic Wars                     Mid-Republican Romans                    15mm Field of Glory       
  2. Arthurian                       Post-Roman British                              28mm Field of Glory
  3. Wars of the Roses        Yorkists                                                     15mm Field of Glory
  4. English Civil War         Parliamentarian and Royalist           28mm 1644
  5. Marlburian                     Confederate and French                    15mm Rank and File
  6. World War One             British and German                               28mm Rules of Engagement
  7. World War Two            German                                                      15mm Flames of War
  8. World War Two              US, Soviet and German                     28mm Rules of Engagement
  9. Science Fiction              Chaos Space Marines, Orks              28mm Warhammer 40,000
  10. Fantasy                             Chaos Warriors                                     28mm Warhammer Fantasy
  11. Fantasy                             Mercenaries                                           28mm Warmachine

Everything else takes a back seat until these are complete – well, that is the plan du jour. It will be almost impossible to stick to it with my butterfly-like tendencies.


Due 19th July – Marlburian French Infantry Battalion