Some completed painting

Something of a rarity at the moment, I have actually managed to complete some painting!  Below are four elements for my Carthaginian DBA army and some Heroclix repaints.



The first element of African Spearmen (spears) and the Spanish Scutarii.



Two elements of Gauls.


Angel, Colossus, Rogue and the Scarlet Witch.  It looks like Wanda is giving someone the fingers – probably because she is facing –

Dear old Dad!  Magneto leads the Brotherhood of Unhappy Miffed Muties (BUMM).  What? Klaw isn’t a mutie!  It’s OK, though, Magneto accepts him due to his excellent choice of costume colours.  Juggernaut and the Blob vie for who is the heaviest heavy.

On the paint bench right now:  the rest of the infantry for the Carthaginian army, some Clone troopers for Star Wars, and Storm.  Arrived in the letter box today is THE next project – the first boxes of Dystopian Wars – Britannian Naval and Armoured battlegroups, and the Prussian armoured group.  The Prussian navy, alongside some carriers and the deck of cards are still coming in a second box.  I ordered them from Total Wargamer who have Dystopian Wars post free worldwide at the moment.



Polybian Romans

I’ve acquired all of the armies that I need to undertake a DBA Second Punic War campaign, plus the Numidians.  Originally I had planned to paint up a FoG Mid-Republican Roman army with Dan doing the Carthaginians, but his move to the other side of the ditch has left me reassessing.  Painting all of the armies for a DBA campaign is certainly a viable solo project, and, indeed, DBA is an excellent game for solo play as well.

Here is my newly finished Polybian Roman army – the first of seven armies, with the Carthaginians the natural next cab off the rank.

The first four elements I painted I did in my traditional two-tone base and highlight style.  But then I changed to a base coat and magic dip for the last 8 elements.  The traditional are the Hastati and  Principes on the left of the picture, with the far elements in each line being the dipped figures.  I don’t think they are that noticeably different. A little definition is missing in the face, but dipping is so much faster, I believe that it is the way I will go with this particular project now.

Here is a close up of the general:

The white horse needed touch-ups, but it was the only figure that did.

I’m also painting a few figures for John at the moment, but I plan to have a 1750 point Tankovy Battalion for Flames of War finished in the next couple of weeks.  Next Friday there is a game at John’s and I’m eager to try out the FoW Arab-Israeli rules.


Finally another update

Here we go with what I’ve been up to in the last month.  It has been a case of getting myself back into a painting groove, so here are the latest offerings:

The French Listenois Dragoon regiment.

Stair’s Dragoons, later to become the Scots Greys.

The Tattenbach and Lutzenberg Regiments, Bavarian units allied to King Louis.

Allied Generals (Lord Maykit, von Hinder-Entz, van Klogg and von Pritzwalk) and French Generals.

Two practice DBA elements. Some Perry archers for a Yorkist Wars of the Roses army and two elements of Gauls to battle Julius Caesar.

I’ve also whipped out a German HMG platoon for Flames of War, but no photos yet sorry.

Lastly, the other day I had a few spare minutes so setup a WWI table to see how it would look:

The table laid out. The German trenches are manned, but I haven’t put the British out. Wife and baby in the background. To the right, German HQ in the ruined town.

That’s it for now. I’ll try and be a little more regular with my posting from now on.


Philistines for DBA


Hot off the painting table, here is my completed army for DBA I/29b Philistine 1099-600BC:


And here are a couple of close-ups:



So now that they are complete, onto the next project – a 50 point force for Warmachine v.2. I’ve already painted some more Hammerfall handgunners, and Alexia and 6 Risen are due for the paintbrush this week. If I can keep up a steady pace, I should have them all completed by the end of May.

There are other projects beckoning though:  Two 6mm armies for DBN – French and Russian; and 15mm Marlburian Allied and French armies for Beneath the Lily Banners. I’m looking at getting these from Lancashire Games. This will be followed up by a couple of Napoleonic ships for the Warhammer Trafalgar rules and a 6mm Anglo-Portuguese army for DBN. That should be the last of the ‘big’ projects for this year.

The decision to go with 15mm Marlburian is threefold. The first is economic. I can completely buy two armies for the same price as half of one 28mm army. The second is speed. I can paint 15mm three to four times faster than 28mm, which means I can  be gaming within a reasonable space of time. Third is that I found that really enjoyed painting the 15mm Philistines, and found previous 15mm armies to be a similar experience. 28s can be enjoyable if there is no pressure to paint up a lot of them, and Marlburian would require this. I’ve purchased and painted a Williamite Anglo-Dutch army from Lancashire (long since sold), and really like there figures, so no worries there, then. I’m looking forward to them.

I’m just sorting out some Napoleonic Austrian and French 6mm figures that fellow Rotorua Irregular John purchased. They’ll be based up for DBN as well. DBN will be my army level game for Naps, whilst the 28mm have been sorted out this weekend for Sharp Practice. Now I just have to paint some of this stuff!


First Philistines

The first three spear elements for my 15mm DBA Philistine army. The figures are Essex.


From the front, and


From the rear.

One great thing about digital photography – you notice all the imperfections! I’ll go back and tidy up the chap with the white goatee whose shield rubbed off on him. Biting it too much?

Dan is preparing his Later Hebrews at the moment, so the next lot of Philistine Spear is undercoated and ready to go as I type!


Persians ready

The Persian DBA army was finished off last night. They are all painted in Black Line technique.  After observing a professional Black Line paint job, I decided that my biggest problem with the style was that I wasn’t leaving enough Black showing through. I believe that these Persians are an improvement on the Macedonians for that reason, although I’m still not happy with the horses.

Without further ado, here is the Persian DBA army:


My variant has 1x 3Cv (Gen), 2 x 3 v, 2 x 2LH, 4 x 4Sp, 3 x 2Ps

Close ups:


General, 3Cv, 2LH, 2Ps


4 x 4 Sp, 2 are Greek Hoplites, 2 are Persian.


And finally a scene of Persians vs. Macedonians. Viewed side on (above) and from behind the Persian lines (below).


Next I plan to get into a couple of Napoleonic units again. At the moment though I have a Warhammer character under the brush – Wulfrik the Wanderer. Hopefully I’ll get him finishedand post a picture soon. Next DBA army will be Philistines to fight Dan’s Hebrews.


The First (almost) DBA Army finished – Macedonians of Alexander the Great

Technically I’ve already painted 5 DBA armies, including an Alexandrian Macedonian. But I’ve sold 4 of them, and Dan and I aren’t gaming in the Marian Roman period, so in a sense, this is the first of a new DBA era.

You might have gleaned that Dan and I have become very fond of this little game. In fact, aside from a Flames of War game, the last time he was here that was all that we played!


Here is the Macedonian army in all of it’s glory. The figures are largely Essex ones that I bought second hand. They were basically painted in thick Humbrol paint and needed stripping. The repaint is better, the first time I’ve used black line technique for my figures, although it won’t be winning any awards! The General is a Museum Miniatures figure, and towers over the Essex to a degree, but he does stand out as a heroic general should. The pikes on the Essex figures were warped when I got them, and they are now as straight as they will ever be. There is something to be said for empty hands and brass rod!


A close up of the Macedonian Phalanx

The subtle complexity of DBA belies its apparent simplicity. As Dan and I get a handle on the basics of the game we have started to think beyond getting a single long line to outflank your opponent (although it doesn’t hurt). We now give greater thought to our opponents strengths when we deploy and look at support. We’ve also learnt to use terrain a little more strategically. In one game last week I took Italian allies to fight his Carthaginians. I broke up the board  with rough going to give my Auxilia a nice advantage. This was screwed up by my Built Up Area being in his deployment zone. Dan used three spear elements and threw himself against the walls. The first two became spear shaped smears, but the third was successful in the 3rd bound (the luck of threes I guess). Losing a BUA and the Spear element garrisoning it meant an immediate loss of three elements. Despite manoeuvring well and making his army break up into about 7 groups (difficult for command and control), I lost 1 more element and the game. Never mind. In another game I chomped his general and won fairly quickly, so it all goes in swings and roundabouts. The beauty is that you can get so many games into a day that eventually you have to win one!


The Macedonian Army with the backdrop – it is starting to look a little too pointillist. I might paint a new one on card instead of polystyrene!

I’m currently painting a Persian army to fight the Macedonians, and I’ve finished 4 elements already. I think that I’ve really got the hang of this black figure technique as you’ll see when I post pictures of it, hopefully this weekend. It isn’t fantastic and I’d never use it on 28mm figures, but it is extremely effective for these little fellows. After the Persians it will be back into the Napoleonics- 1 British and 1 French unit. Then another DBA army. Should keep me sane…


It’s been a while, but…

I never say ‘no excuses’, there are always excuses! In this case it has been that school has been busy and painting has taken a back seat as a result. I’ve finished off the first battalion of French with a nice flag around the Eagle, and have painted another half battalion in greatcoats. I’ll post them as soon as they are finished. Aside from that, I’ve finished 3 elements of GHQ 1:285 Modern Germans:


Mounted for Modern Spearhead, these are just samplers. Very easy to paint, but I need a pile more to build a decent army out of them. Dan’s got Israelis. We didn’t get matched pairs because we just wanted armies we thought were cool. I don’t know why Germans and Israelis would be going head to head in the modern era, and frankly it’s a minefield that I don’t want to even tiptoe over!

We spent a decent amount of time last weekend painting and finishing off trenches and craters for our battlefields. We also put together the last of the Space Marines (still need a librarian, but otherwise finished!). 

We played several games of DBA, including one of Big Battle DBA for the Punic Wars. That was resolved fairly quickly when my CinC was outflanked and killed. I believe that it was the only element I lost. On my right flank I was carving through one of his commands… Note to self – keep your CinC out of potential danger!

We also played DBA Biblicals with Philistine and Later Hebrew Armies, which was a bit of a laugh as my Built Up Area ended up in Dan’s deployment zone. I placed an element of spear in it as defence and watched as his Auxilia repeatedly assaulted the walls. Three elements left themselves smeared all over the defences. Very amusing.

Two DBA Wars of the Roses games were also played. These were quite evenly matched. I can’t remember whether the results were even in this contest as well. I have the feeling that I may have lost the first and won the second. I do remember that we enjoyed them quite a bit.

DBA has been a real revelation. We’re thoroughly enjoying our games, and now it is time to paint some armies! Technically it shouldn’t be too much effort to paint 12 elements, but it actually is! Mostly because we have other projects on the go – Dan has his Space Wolves and I have my Napoleonics. I’ ve no doubt we will get there though.

Hopefully I’ll get to do a bit more painting over the holidays.


Latest pics

Just a quick post of a couple of projects – firstly an element of Seven Years War French.


Well, they are almost finished. I still need to paint the cuff buttons onto the figure in the front left.

And as Dan and I are quite excited about DBA, I finished a built-up area base to put my houses on:


The next post will have my first finished element of plastic Perry French, including the updated piping on my first figure that was missing.